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Replacing Missing Teeth after Tooth Extraction in Cleveland, OH

It is important to not allow much time to elapse before replacing a missing tooth. Neglecting to replace a tooth, even if it is not located in the front of your mouth, can be detrimental to your speech, nutrition, and the health of your other teeth and bone. Dr. Loren Frumker recommends replacement as quickly as possible after loss due to injury, decay, or a tooth extraction. Dental implants in Cleveland are typically the favored method of replacing missing teeth.

Replacing a Single Tooth after Tooth Extraction

When replacing a single tooth, a dental implant is often recommended. The dental implant consists of a titanium post that functions as a tooth root, a dental crown customized to match surrounding teeth, and an abutment which securely connects the two together. After a tooth extraction, a dental implant is the closest replication of your missing tooth.

There are alternatives, of course. A three unit bridge can be used to successfully replace a missing tooth. With this method, three crown units are fused together. The center crown maintains the space left after your tooth extraction while the end crown units secure the bridge into place. The disadvantage of this method is that the teeth supporting the bridge must be ground down to accommodate the crowns. Another option is a removable partial denture. However, patients are not always pleased with the artificial look or feel of this appliance.

Replacing Multiple Teeth after Tooth Extractions

When replacing several teeth, dental implants are still the recommended replacement method. They may be placed singly, to replace individual teeth, or they may be placed as part of another technique.

The three unit bridge that successfully replaced a single tooth after your tooth extraction, but had the disadvantage of affecting the enamel of your adjacent healthy teeth, may be used without disadvantage with dental implants as support. If a full set of teeth must be replaced after tooth extractions, dental implants can be placed individually or as a support structure to anchor dentures.

Replacing your missing teeth soon after your tooth extraction procedure is highly recommended. Call Dr. Frumker today to see if dental implants in Cleveland are right for you.

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