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Bad Breath

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Gum Disease and Bad Breath in Willoughby, OH

Bad breath can be a temporary nuisance for some, but for others halitosis is a chronic embarrassment that can only be temporarily masked. As a common symptom of gum disease, bad breath should be evaluated by a professional, like Dr. Loren Frumker in Willoughby, OH, because in the majority of cases it is caused by an underlying medical or dental issue.

Halitosis may be the result of a variety of factors:

• The foods that you eat may cause malodor. Common culprits are onions and garlic.
• Medical conditions, such as sinusitis, respiratory infections, or acid reflux can result in halitosis, as can certain prescription drugs.
• Poor dental hygiene is often at the root of bad breath. Neglecting to brush or floss invites a buildup of plaque that can lead to tooth decay. Also, that plaque harbors the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease. Once the bacteria build up on your teeth and tongue or cause swollen gums, they emit a foul odor.

Treatments for Bad Breath

• Schedule twice yearly dental or quarterly periodontal maintenance appointments to keep your mouth clean and healthy. At these appointments, Dr. Frumker can also perform an oral exam to determine if any issues need to be addressed.
• If gum disease is the cause of your bleeding, swollen gums, and bad breath, Dr. Frumker can treat your periodontal infection with antibiotics, deep cleanings, and laser dental surgery.
• Drink plenty of fluids. A dry mouth could be at the root of your bad breath.

The best treatment is prevention. If you follow a proper oral hygiene routine of brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings and checkups, you are less likely to suffer from halitosis.

If you are experiencing bad breath, especially if you are exhibiting bleeding, red, or swollen gums, contact our office in Willoughby, OH for a consultation to rule out an underlying dental issue. Dr. Frumker can recommend treatments to give you fresher breath and boost your confidence.

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