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Laser Gum Surgery

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Laser Treatment for Gum Disease in Euclid, OH


(Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)



Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

The procedure for laser gum disease treatment performed by Dr. Loren Frumker in Willoughby, OH is quite different than that of traditional dental surgery. The pulsed light of the laser, in the hands of our trained and certified doctor, destroys bacteria and diseased tissue. Oral health is immediately improved following the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®).

What to Expect During Laser Dental Surgery

When you arrive for laser gum disease treatment, Dr. Frumker will begin by measuring the depth of your periodontal pockets and the loss of attachment to evaluate the damage caused by prolonged periodontal infection.

Dr. Frumker will glide the fine tip of the laser between your teeth and gums and then the light of the PerioLase® MVP-7™ will selectively eliminate bacteria and any gum tissue that has been infected by it. Your healthy teeth, bone, and gum tissue is not affected by the laser.

At this point in your laser dental surgery, calculus must be removed from the tooth surface below the gum line. This cannot be achieved solely with the use of the laser. Dr. Frumker will utilize ultrasonic scalers to clean the deposits from your teeth.

With the laser, Dr. Frumker is able to control bleeding during dental surgery and uses this ability to create a clotting effect around the treatment site. The blood around the treatment site forms a seal around the teeth that is conducive to healing. This occurs as a result of gently agitating the tissue and bone using the laser, which also acts as a catalyst for the regeneration of bone tissue in the time following dental surgery.

In the final steps of laser gum disease treatment, Dr. Frumker will compress the soft tissue onto the surface of the teeth, check for any trauma to your teeth, and adjust your bite, if necessary.

Laser dental surgery for the treatment of gum disease is generally scheduled in two sessions of two hours each when treating the entire mouth, but can be used to treat individual teeth if only limited and isolated areas are affected by gum disease. Schedule your consultation for laser dental surgery with Dr. Frumker in Euclid, OH if you have been diagnosed with gum disease.

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