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Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting Procedures and Periodontal Disease in Mentor, OH

One of the most devastating results of periodontal disease is bone loss. Bone helps to support your teeth and makes up your facial structure. After prolonged bone loss, the facial shape can change. Cheeks appear sunken in and the chin recedes. The bone loss may also affect your ability to wear dentures, leaving little support for your prosthetics. Dr. Loren Frumker in Mentor, OH treats periodontal disease and offers bone grafting procedures to augment bone density levels.

Bone grafting is commonly performed before a periodontal surgery to place dental implants. When you lose a tooth due to periodontal disease, progressive bone loss begins. Sufficient bone density levels are necessary to successfully integrate the dental implant with the jaw bone. If you are having periodontal surgery to place implants and have experienced a great deal of bone loss due to periodontal disease, you may require bone grafting first.

The bone grafting procedure is performed with local anesthetic, placed both at the donor site and the treatment site. In this periodontal surgery, Dr. Frumker will perform bone grafting and secure it to the treatment site where it will integrate with the existing tissue.

This periodontal surgery may be performed with grafting materials from three different sources:

•  Allografts utilize bone from a cadaver. The materials are screened carefully for patients safety. Dr. Frumker uses a specific kind of allograft that is very effective.
•  Xenografts derive from a non-human source, generally bovine. Xenografts and allografts may be an option when a second surgical site to collect the patient’s own bone is not recommended or desired.
•  Autogenous grafts are harvested from the patient’s own mouth.

If you are considering this periodontal surgery, contact our office for your consultation. Dr. Frumker is a skilled periodontist in Mentor, OH with years of experience in periodontal surgery.

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