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Sinus Lift

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Sinus Lift Performed by the Periodontist in Cleveland, OH

Sinus Lift in Willoughby, OHA sinus lift is a periodontal surgery that augments bone volume in your upper jaw. To accommodate this bone grafting material, your sinus membrane must be lifted. This type of periodontal surgery is generally performed by a specialist, like our periodontist in Cleveland, Dr. Loren Frumker. Dr. Frumker recommends a sinus lift when there is insufficient bone volume or when the positioning of the sinus cavity would make it difficult to place dental implants. Contact our office if you need a specialist.

Why A Sinus Lift?

• The upper jaw may be positioned too close to the sinus cavity to perform periodontal surgery to place implants. A sinus lift creates the necessary space.
• Tooth loss leads to bone loss and for patients who have lost their teeth, bone volume has been compromised. A sinus lift can restore lost bone density.
• Periodontal disease results in progressive bone loss. This deterioration can make it impossible for patients to have a successful dental implant procedure, as adequate amounts of bone are needed to fuse with the implants.

Periodontal Surgery to Lift the Sinus

Dr. Frumker will make an incision in your gum tissue to expose the bone. A small opening is cut into the bone, allowing access to the sinus membrane. Your periodontist in Cleveland will move the membrane away from your jaw and place bone grafting materials in its place. Dr. Frumker stitches the treatment site closed and over the next six months, the donor tissue will integrate with the existing bone, lifting the floor of your sinus and augmenting your bone volume.

The donor material for a sinus lift with bone grafting is identical to the sources used for general bone grafting. Materials may be harvested from the patient’s own body, cadaver tissue from a bone bank, or from a bovine source. The advantage to utilizing your own tissue is that you decrease the risk of rejecting the grafting materials, but the other sources do not require that an additional surgical incision be made to collect bone tissue.

If you are having dental implants placed in your upper premolar or molar areas, a sinus lift may be indicated. Call Dr. Frumker in Cleveland, OH today to schedule your periodontal surgery consultation.

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